Pamela Newton Smith                    

At her high school graduation, Pamela Smith dismissed the honor of the English award for the security of a piano scholarship. After receiving a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, she spent the next fifty years teaching piano—at first traditionally,
then by Suzuki Piano Method. Between the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood, she maintained a large teaching studio, traveled to Japan to study piano with a master teacher, organized numerous local and international workshops, and wrote articles for professional magazines such as Suzuki World and Piano Basics.                    
After writing an allegorical novel, THE POND, she began a serious study of fiction, first with Carol Lee Lorenzo, 1996 Georgia Author of the year and winner of the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction, and then with Emily Hanlon. Pamela attended The Southern Literary Conference in Cashiers, North Carolina, where conversations with Fannie Flagg, Winston Groom, and Willie Morris inspired her to keep writing. When she joined Georgia Writers and participated in The Southeastern Writers’ Conference in 1999, fiction teacher Mary Moran directed her to Rosemary Daniell. With Rosemary, author of  SECRETS OF THE ZONA ROSA, and other books of poetry and prose, as coach, she wrote THE DEVIL IN DUNWOODY, a full-length novel about a wealthy shoplifter and A PIECE GONE MISSING, a story of loss. She’s currently at work on a YA novel, Lucky in which the main character is a blind African-American teen, determined to become a professional classical pianist.
In addition to participation in Rosemary’s monthly Atlanta creative writing workshops, Pamela has been involved in retreats in the states and traded her culinary skills for enrollment in writing workshops in France and Italy.  
Family, travel, cooking, and teaching make her writing palette rich with stories not yet written. 
	Pamela is a member of Southeastern Writers Association, The Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and The Atlanta Writers’ Club.file:///Users/pam/Desktop/Picturebio.pages