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    • THE POND - An allegorical novel
    • Tim's older brother picks on him until he wishes Billy would drop dead. But what happens when the wish nearly comes true? Sibling rivalry dissolves when an act of child-like faith brings about the kind of miracle for which even grown-ups wish.

    • Married to wealthy heart surgeon, Charlie Morgan, Eleanor has long succumbed to her husband’s sadistic manipulations to involve her in a perverted sexual relationship with their attorney friend. During a shopping trip, Eleanor drops a bottle of perfume into her purse, igniting a series of shoplifting episodes that eventually lead to her arrest. She’s sentenced to probation with one hundred hours of community service to be served concurrently with psychological treatment with Dr. Len Brockman.

    • Upmarket women’s fiction, with a Southern side of grit. The novel is written from three points of view: ADORABLE LEE, an orphan turned country music star, HUGH SULLIVAN, a drifter and Vietnam vet with survivor’s guilt and a drinking problem, and LESTER PICKETT, JR., a once-promising young accountant rendered mute in an accident with a garbage truck.


    work in progress       

    • It was hot.  Not just from the relentless Georgia sun, but the heat seemed to float from the ground and hover over the scorched grass.  I struggled to climb the rise, its red clay darkened with the blood of Confederate soldiers. I held tight to Clara’s baby-fat hand—perhaps tighter than I should have.  She and this land were the only legacy left to me by my late husband, Thomas Walter.

    LUCKY - work in progress

    • Obeah woman, she tell me story. She say there be a boy child for you. He grow into fine mon with great gift of music from African roots, where elephants with ivory tusks migrate and leave rhythms stamped upon the earth and coming into his heart.


    • Though I'm still looking for an agent or publishing company for my novels, I  continue to write fiction stories which peak my interests. I will never, ever stop writing.